Furniture elements

We produce furniture and interior parts, and shelf systems from wood, plywood and MDF. We take care of dyeing and varnishing. Because the separate devices are appropriate for smaller order production, we invite for a cooperation construction and interior companies.


  • Milling parts by CNC work tables from the order’s draught 
  • Lacquering 
  • Varnishing 
  • Packing into thermocouple

Builder’s and painter’s equipment

  • Professional quality 
  • TUV/GS security certificates for collapsible ladders

Builder’s ancillary equipment

We produce ancillary equipment for painters and builders: wooden boxes.


  • Collapsible wooden ladders 
  • Folding tables for wallpapering

Handles for tools

We produce handles for tools from wood

Wooden boxes

Production of wooden boxes and cases is one of the main company’s scopes. Boxes are used for packing of products, also as gifts. There is a possibility for imprint on boxes by method of burning too.

CNC technologies

Company uses computer controlled work tables in factory providing the technical completeness for processing of products, quick start up for manufacturing of new products, flexible and effective production.

Producing of metal conduit products

  • Production of metal conduit products 
  • Production of metal conduit products 
  • Welding of aluminum and stainless steel in an argon environment

Assembling and welding of metal products

Company makes metal conduit products that can be cut, bend, extruded, riveted and welded.